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For all kinds of technical support; website management, remote computer assistance, email support, virus and malware removal. PC and Mac.

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Just for something different this Christmas, consider giving the gift of support!


These days, just about everyone relies on some piece of technology to get through their week.
We've all experienced those moments when the technology just doesn't behave the way we would like it to; and when you're relying on it, that can be stressful.


Buy your friends and family a "free ticket" to a technologically stress-free year in 2014.......





Prepaid Remote Support*

For all the little technical problems you have each week, whether they are with your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

If you find yourself needing the occasional (but regular) quick bit of computer advice, or IT assistance, pay a small fee in advance per month and you will save on our hourly rate. We also allot this time in 5 minute increments, instead of the standard 15 minute increments that we use on normal support charges. This adds additional value.

XMAS BONUS: The monthly limitation on whichever level you purchase will be WAIVED.
That means however many hours you pre-purchase, they WILL NOT EXPIRE at the end of any given month.
Purchase them as a gift certificate, and THEY WILL NOT EXPIRE FOR 12 MONTHS!
That means you can use a minimum of 5 minutes at any time during the year, up to the total number of minutes you purchase.


Prepaid Support Pricing

$26.50 per month ex-GST
30 mins of support per month You have 12 months (from date of gift certificate purchase) to use your 30mins. You can use them in 5 minute increments.

$50 per month ex-GST
60 mins of support per month You have 12 months (from date of gift certificate purchase) to use your 60mins. You can use them in 5 minute increments.

$96 per month ex-GST
120 mins of support per month You have 12 months (from date of gift certificate purchase) to use your 120mins. You can use them in 5 minute increments.


How many minutes of support would you like?

 $3 is added for postage and handling


*If an on-site visit is required, prepaid hours may be used towards the time spent on-site.

Call-out fees still apply.



Unused time each month does not accumulate and is forfeited on the next billing date.  You have 12 months to use your minutes!
Fees must be paid in advance, each month. This is a one-time purchase.
Units are alotted in 5 minute increments, so 30 minutes of support could be made up of a maximum of six 5 minute phonecalls or remote sessions.


Regular Remote Computer Maintenance

Have your business or personal computers maintained regularly via remote control.

A remotely controlled regular computer check-up is the best preventative maintenance you can have, short of employing your own IT department.


  • Make sure your backups are running, and they are valid.
  • Make sure your antivirus is running and up-to-date.
  • Check for potential on-coming, or existing, system problems. including hard drive failure.
  • Catch new malware threats before they become a bigger problem.




It is really worth taking precautions to keep your data safe these days, particularly with nasty malware such as Crytplocker floating around (you can read more about it here:


The benefit of having regular remote maintenance is that you have someone making sure this is happening for you each month; setting or checking backups, looking for malware that may introduce new threats, and keeping on top of hardware problems wherever possible.

Remote Maintenance Pricing
Sessions are paid for quarterly  Your gift certificate gives you 3 months (that's 3 sessions) of monthly remote maintenance.

1 computer $127.50


2 computers $240.00


3 computers $345.00


4 computers $442.50


+ $97.50 for each additional computer thereafter.
*All prices ex-GST


PLEASE NOTE: The cost covers the maintenance tasks above. It does not cover call-out fees, nor does it cover labour and part costs for additional work. Any items requiring action that can be performed within the maintenance session time will be done without further cost (e.g. cleaning up easy malware infections, restarting a back-up chain). However, any items requiring labour-intensive tasks and/or call-outs will entail additional fees - these tasks will be outlined in your monthly report, and you can decide whether to go ahead with them or not.


How many computers would you like maintained?

$3 is added for postage and handling
One year of webhosting, with personal support:
AU $189
(ex GST)

Click here to get started
or here for more details.


plansPlanning Your New Website

Our guide will assist you in mapping out your website, including structuring your menus and information architecture, preparing your content, and assisting with layout.




Website Pricing

Basic Website
(including basic contact form, basic image gallery, modified template, favicon)
- from $800

Basic Website + More Customisation
(including basic contact form, basic image gallery, highly modified template, favicon)
- from $1500

Your Own Fully Custom Design
We can apply your own design to Joomla!
- from $2200

Our Custom Design
We can also design for you
- from $2800


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